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This spring, I had the opportunity to help out three special guys who will be ordained priests in May/June – one being my younger brother, Jake.  Each of their ordinations will be extraordinary events, more rare and much larger than any wedding I had ever done. They will be ordained in an official priestly ordination ceremony hosted by the bishop, then the following day they celebrate their First Holy Mass to begin their journey as priests.  A reception is hosted in their honor where family, friends, mentors, teachers and parishioners are gathered to celebrate with each newly ordained priest.  So it is of great importance to design their invitation in a way that clearly organizes the information and communicates each important detail to a wide group of guests – between 350-450 invitations for each. I enjoyed figuring out the best way to organize and communicate this information and designed attractive, masculine invitations.


I was very lucky to have my family involved in the assembly process because as my Grandma Wujek says, “many hands make light work!”  We had a fun weekend (despite the nearly bloody fingers from so many mini-brads) putting together the invitations for my brother, toasting to his accomplishments and enjoying some delicious food and good laughs. Thanks for all your help!


Best of luck to Dcn. Scott Potthoff, Dcn. Renaurd West and Dcn. Jacob Rose who will soon be ordained!  


  1. My son will be ordained this May. The ordination will be in Peoria. His first mass will be in Lemont. I have a hard time seeing the wording of your invitations. I will only be sending out invitations for his first mass and the party following. I’m not sure how I should word the invitations. Could you help?

    • I can definitely give you some advice on this. I will put together a variety of the ordination invitations I’ve worked on and email you a pdf so you can see some ideas for how the information can be formatted and worded for the ordination. Thanks for inquiring about this!

    • A relative of ours will be ordinated next year and our family is very excited but don’t have any experience in this type of invitation. Could you share with us your brother’s invitation/and other samples you may have for first mass and reception to follow? would be most appreciated. God bless

      • Thanks for the message Carmen! I will follow up with an email and send over some design examples of other ordination invitations I have done. Then if you and your family need help from there, I would be very happy to talk more and answer any questions you might have.

  2. I will be ordained a priest for the Los Angeles Archdiocese this June and was wondering if you could please send me a copy of the pdf examples of ordination invitations that you sent to the others. Blessings on you and your family. Thank you!

  3. Hello, was looking on line for samples of ordination invitations and I came upon this page. I was wondering if you could send me some examples of your invites. My brother will be ordained in May 2017 and i wanted to send a few invitations out to family for his first Mass and reception following. Not sure how to word the invitations. Thank you.

  4. I have the same question – one of our sons was ordained in December with a missionary order and will be coming home in June to celebrate his “First Mass” at his home parish. I would love to see your examples – thank you!

    • My pleasure! I’ll email you.

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